Dec 2016

Gold Galore!

Our local vignerons have been slowly but surely chipping away at their craft as they seek to improve their wines in any way, shape or form they can. From better vineyard management, to more sustainable viticultural practice, to a less is more approach in the winery, there’s a real sense of innovation and deeper understanding of just what makes our regional wines tick, and how best this can be reflected in the resultant wines. Recent wine show results over the last few years have certainly shown that things are definitely on the up and our region can certainly hold its head high as we begin to make in roads into markets that were once gun shy of our local wines. That said, there’s always been the presence of the likes of Bannockburn, Lethbridge and of course By Farr wines to show all and sundry that the region can produce world class wine, if they needed any further evidence.

The Geelong Wine Show held in October this year showcased the emerging breadth of quality and class on offer. Mermerus Wines from the Bellarine Peninsula in particular doing quite well with a swag of Gold Medals and the Trophy for ‘Best Pinot Noir’ and ‘Most Successful Exhibitor’. Located down on the Bellarine Peninsula towards St. Leonards, Mermerus vineyards produce quality wines across the board. Their wines were all standouts with Gold Medals also for their Chardonnay and Shiraz…

Mermerus Riesling $20 Crisp and aromatic
Mermerus Chardonnay $26 Deliciously Flavoursome and textured
Mermerus Pinot Noir $33 Seductively supple and complex
Mermerus Shiraz $26 Black fruits and spice with a soft finish